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The program in Hebrew & Israeli Cultural Studies at MSU provides students the opportunity to develop core language skills and to gain an appreciation for the dynamic culture of modern Israel.  Courses in the Program prepare students for positions in government, NGOs, education, as well as graduate work in related fields.  All courses at the 200 level and beyond may be applied to the Minor in Jewish Studies.

For further information about the Program in Hebrew &Israeli Cultural Studies at MSU, please contact Professor Yore Kedem, who teaches the first and second year sequence, or Professor Marc S. Bernstein, the coordinator. Students with previous background in Hebrew should contact Professor Kedem to take the Hebrew placement exam.

Hebrew Language Courses

HICS offers three levels of Hebrew instructions based on a communicative approach in which students utilize the language in situations approximating real life. Classes are structured to allow for ample speaking opportunities and small group work.

HEB 101-102 Elementary Hebrew
[Dr. Kedem]

4 credits per semester.
Prerequisites: None (students with no prior exposure to the language are particularly encouraged to enroll)

HEB 201-202 Second-Year Hebrew
[Dr. Kedem]

4 credits per semester.
Prerequisities: HEB 102 or approval of instructor

LL 301-302 Third-Year Hebrew
[Dr. Bernstein]

(not offered every year)

3 credits per semester.
Prerequisites: HEB 202 or approval of instructor

For more advanced work - or in years where Third-Year Hebrew is not offered - students may enroll in a program of independent study (HEB 290 or HEB 490, 1-3 credits) with a member of the Hebrew faculty.

Israeli Culture Courses

The rebirth of Israel and the revival of Hebrew are among the most dramatic revolutions of the twentieth century. The following courses, offered in English, allow students to study these dramatic transformations from a sophisticated and nuanced perspective.

IAH 211D Modern Hebrew Literature: Revival, Return, and Revolution
[Dr. Bernstein]

3 credits

IAH 211D Israeli Culture & Society
[Dr. Bernstein]

4 credits (Section number varies)

IAH 231B Arab-Israeli Conflict

4 credits (section number varies

IAH 241F Israeli Cinema
[Dr. Bernstein]

4 credits (section number varies

Study Abroad in Israel

The MSU Summer Program at Hevrew University offers students the opportunity to live in and experience Israel while earning 8 academic credits.
For more details visit the Jewish Studies Program website

Scholarship Opportunities

Students with a 3.0 GPA and up, who combine a year of Hebrew studies with a study abroad program in Israel may be eligible for significant scholarships covering both the study abroad program fee and Hebrew courses.