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Summer Online Language Courses
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Summer Online Language Courses

Take a full year language this summer through the Less Commonly Taught Languages Program!

We now offer the First-Year and Second-Year sequence (LL 151, 152, LL 251, and 252 in the schedule of courses) in one to four languages each summer.

All courses are fully online, but they will not be self-paced. Each online course has two required virtual meetings during the week. (You only need reliable internet connection and an updated browser to access the meetings.)



1st session (LL 151)  5/14/2018 - 6/28/2018

2nd session (LL 152) 7/2/2018 - 8/16/2018


Summer 2018 Offerings

First year Persian I and II (LL 151 and 152 sections 734)

First year Tagalog I and II (LL 151 and 152, sections 735)

First and Second year Vietnamese (LL 151, 152, 251, 252 section 734)


Non-MSU Students

Students from other universities or anyone outside of MSU may enroll via the MSU Lifelong Education Program.

Tuition varies based on residency and graduate or undergraduate status. As a starting point, check out these tuition tables and/or contact Lifelong Education for confirmation of costs.

Transferring credits back to your institution:  Talk to your advisor at your institution--if you need a syllabi or other documentation to facilitate the transfer, please contact the coordinator, Danielle Steider.


High School Students/Dual Enrollment

High school students may be eligible for Dual Enrollment through the Gifted and Talented Education Program.  Please contact the language coordinator, Danielle Steider, to set up a placement test if the student has previous experience with the language.