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MSU Schedule of Courses

Graduate seminars carry an 800-level designation. 
Courses numbered 400 and higher may fulfill graduate degree requirements.

GRM 420, Advanced German

GRM 435, 18th/19th C. German Literary Studies 
               SS16: Love & Family in German Culture Before 1900

GRM 445, 20th C./Contemporary German Literary Studies
               SS15: Mapping Germany

GRM 455, Major Themes in German Cultural History 
               FS14: Germany, Violence, and the Revolution

GRM 460, Linguistic Analysis of Modern German

GRM 491, Special Topics in German Studies 
               FS15: Germany on Stage

GRM 803, Foundations of Contemporary Language Teaching

GRM 805, The German Language: Relationships, Development, and Varieties

GRM 815, Scholarship and Practice of Teaching German Culture

GRM 820, German Literature and Culture: Theory and Practice
               SS16: Hermeneutics and Critical Theory

GRM 862, German Studies: Constructions of Identity
               FS14: Writing Lives: Autobiography in German-Language Contexts Since 1945

GRM 863, German Studies: Constructions of Community
               SS15: Germany, Race, and Otherness

GRM 864, German Studies: Cultural Norms and Values
               FS15: Blurred Borders, Clear Visions: Intermediality in 20th-Century Literature in German

GRM 865, German Studies: Culture in Context
               SS16: From Past Tense to Future Perfect: Rethinking GDR Cultural Studies Today

GRM 891, Topics in German Cultural Studies

GRM 892, Seminar

GRM 898, Master's Project

GRM 899, Master's Thesis

GRM 990, Doctoral Independent Study

GRM 991, Special Topics in German

GRM 999, Doctoral Dissertation Research