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MAJOR IN GERMAN (34 Credits)

1) 12 credits at the 300-level from the following:

  • At least 6 credits from GRM 301, 302, and 311
  • At least 3 credits from GRM 341 and 342

GRM 301, Third-year German I (3credits)
GRM 302, Third-year German II (3 credits)
GRM 311, Business German I (3 credits)
GRM 325, Third-year German: Oral Communication (3 credits)
GRM 341, German Lit and Culture Before 1918 (3 credits)
GRM 342, German Lit and Culture Since 1918 (3 credits)

2) 12 credits at the 400-level from the following:

GRM 420, Advanced German (W) (3 credits)
GRM 435, 18th and 19th Century German Lit Studies (W) (3 credits)
GRM 445, 20th Century & Contemporary German Lit Studies (W) (3 credits)
GRM 455, Major Themes in German Cultural History (W) (3 credits)
GRM 460, Linguistic Analysis of Modern German (3 credits)
GRM 491, Special Topics in German Studies (1-4 credits)

3) Capstone course:

GRM 492 Capstone Project 1

4)Elective Courses:

Additional credits in German courses numbered 250 and above, with the exception of German 400, as needed to meet the requirement of at least 34, but not more than 40, credits in courses in the major. A maximum of 3 credits of GRM 250 may be counted as elective credits toward the major.

5)Study Abroad:

Students with a primary major in German are expected to participate in a study abroad experience approved by the German program. Students who are unable to study abroad should consult the department for possible approved alternatives.

6) Cognate Requirement (15 Credits):

Selected courses must be from a single discipline or thematic area (European Studies focus recommended) and be advisor approved. At least one course must be at the 300-400 level. Cognate requirement is waived if completing another major, minor, or teacher certification.

7) College of Arts & Letters Experiential Requirement

Earn a minimum of 3 credits in on of the following experiential education options through an associated course approved by the College: internship, service/community engaged service learning experience, undergraduate research or creative project directed by a faculty member, a study abroad program, or a study away program.


All of the requirements listed for the primary major in German under #1 - #4 and #7.


1. Complete a minimum of 15 credits from the following (at least 12 credits must be at the 300-level or higher):

GRM 201, Second-year German I (4 credits)
GRM 202, Second-year German II (4 credits)
Coursework in German at the 300- or 400- level. It is highly recommended the following courses are included:
GRM 301 or 302
GRM 341 or 342
One GRM 400-level course


All of the requirements listed for the primary major in German under #1 - #5 and #7. Courses MUST include GRM 460 and 461.

Please contact Professor Thomas Lovik, the Teacher Education Adviser, for more information.


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