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The linguistics section’s undergraduate programs include a major and a minor. The major provides students with a firm foundation in the scientific study of language. It requires between 32 and 38 credits of study in linguistics courses, as well fulfilling other requirements for the BA such as proficiency in a foreign language, completion of a 15 credit cognate (secondary area of specialization), and an experiential requirement.

The minor provides students with a foundational understanding of several areas of the field. It requires 15 credits of study, including an introductory linguistics course, a course each in phonology and syntax, and two additional electives. 

Linguistics courses are also a key component of the undergraduate Cognitive Science minor, an option pursued by many of our students.

The linguistics undergraduate program has grown enormously in recent years, and has developed a community with its own distinctive ethos. The highly active undergrad linguistics club, qUALMS, even organizes two annual student conferences in linguistics, one local to MSU and one international.