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Heather Taylor
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Assistant Professor of Linguistics

PhD Linguistics, University of Maryland at College Park

Wells Hall B-230
(517) 432-4690

Dr. Heather Taylor is a formal linguist with a specialization in syntactic analysis and syntactic theory. She approaches her work and research through the lens of cognitive science; her theoretical proposals and contributions are formulated such that they comport with a broader understanding of the mind/brain. Dr. Taylor practices experimental syntax (i.e., collecting grammaticality judgments using controlled methodology). She is also well-versed in several theoretical models of generative grammar and compares those models while developing theoretical proposals. 

Dr. Taylor is a member of the neurolinguistics lab (link: http://msuneuroling.weebly.com/) at MSU, directed by Alan Beretta. In addition to MSU, she has held professional linguistics positions at University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), University of Michigan - Flint, and Eastern Michigan University. Her professional expertise and activities include Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), especially with respect to UX/UI from a cognitive perspective.