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suleiman-scaled.jpgAssociate Professor of Arabic

Arabic Language Coordinator

Ph.D., Linguistics, Georgetown University

B-360 Wells Hall

Camelia Suleiman has a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Georgetown University, with a specialization in Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis. Her research interest is in the area of language and identity in relation to gender, politicians' use of language in the media, and national identity, in both the American and the Arab countries’ contexts. Her articles have appeared in a variety of journals including ‘Pragmatics’, ‘Journal of Psycholinguistic Research’, ‘Middle East Critique’ and ‘Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication’. Her books are: ‘Language and Identity in the Israel-Palestine Conflict: The Politics of Self-Perception’ (London: I.B. Tauris 2011), and 'The Politics of Arabic in Israel: A Sociolinguistic Analysis’ (Edinburgh University press 2017).  Some of her publications were widely cited in the media. She has also received a number of awards and recognition including an award for ‘distinguished women in academia’ from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. At MSU she serves as the Arabic language coordinator, as well as she has directed the Arabic Flagship Program. Lastly, she is on the editorial boards of ‘Journal of Psycholinguistic Research’ and ‘Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless’.


 Prof. Camelia Suleiman recently published a sociolinguistic study of the use of Arabic in Israel.