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College of Arts and Letters | Michigan State University

Wafa N. Hassan



 DEGREE: Doctorate Degree in Bilingual Education, George Washington  University, Washington DC
 POSITION: Director of Outreach and K-12 Initiatives, Arabic Flagship 
 Program, STARTALK Program Director
 RESEARCH INTERESTS: Instruction: Methodology, Assessment,  Content; Curriculum Development; Bilingual Education; Teacher  Preparation: Pre-Service, Professional Development; Second  Language  Acquisition; Foreign Language Learning and Teaching  Standards;  Motivation and Language Learning
 CAMPUS ADDRESS: B-330 Wells Hall
 PHONE: 517-353-7870

Dr. Wafa Hassan is a graduate of the George Washington University, Graduate School of Education and Human Development with a specialty in Bilingual Education. She has extensive experience in teacher preparation; Curriculum development and assessment.  Wafa Hassan is a co-author of the National Standards for Learning Arabic K-16. Dr. Hassan is a well-known teacher trainer for teachers of Arabic and other foreign languages on a regular basis in the United States and internationally. These workshops included many subjects on pedagogy, second language acquisition, bilingual education, teaching children with learning difficulties, learning styles, motivation, and curriculum and materials development. She directed and led many STARTALK summer teacher training and students programs.

Dr. Hassan is the author of a recent book titled Inclusion of ELL with Special Needs in General Education.  Dr. Hassan is currently the Director of Outreach and K-12 Initiatives for the Arabic Language Flagship Program at Michigan State University. She is co-author of a new National standards-based Arabic Curriculum for high school students. The curriculum currently is being used by over eighty schools in the United States. Recently Dr. Hassan developed performance based assessment for Arabic language and currently being used in the state of Michigan. Dr. Hassan is the content online course developer for the Chicago public schools online Arabic course that has been provided to high school students for the past two years and now to all IL students starting next year.