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Kaylin Smith
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Linguistics PhD Student

Graduate Assistant (Psychology department)


Kaylin is a Ph.D. student in linguistics. Her research interests include neuro- and psycho- linguistics, phonology, and phonetics. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Monmouth College and her M.Sc. in Psychology of Language from The University of Edinburgh. She has been a TA and RA at the undergraduate and graduate levels, a Visiting Postgraduate Researcher at The University of Edinburgh, and is currently the Cognitive Science Program Assistant for the Psychology department at MSU.

She is a member of the Neurolinguistics Lab at MSU and the MSU Phonology and Phonetics Group. Her research has involved visual and auditory compound processing in real-time using electroencephalogram (EEG) in Icelandic and in English. She is currently working on a production study investigating a process of vowel insertion in some Scottish dialects of English. 

In her free time, Kaylin enjoys drumming, attending alternative/experimental rock concerts, and traveling. She also likes hiking and cycling.