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Guidelines for Peer Evaluation Fact Sheets

(4/18/97; 10/07/08; 01/22/14; 12/05/14; 04/10/15; 12/02/16; 11/01/19)

I.  Teaching

  1. Courses (list by semester providing course number, name, and number of students enrolled: mention here independent study and thesis or dissertation courses as well as regular courses. It would be helpful to average the numerical ratings from the SIRS forms for each class of 60 students or fewer.) If you did not teach two courses in either or both semesters please explain why. Please provide any additional comments on these courses that you wish; 
  2. Program coordination; 
  3. TA training and supervision; 
  4. Development of new courses, materials (including computer software) and methodologies;
  5. Graduate students whose committees you chair (list, mentioning significant activity such as examinations and thesis or dissertation progress); 
  6. Graduate students on whose committees you are a member (list, mentioning significant activity such as reported in 5 above); 
  7. Other graduate advising responsibilities (include here advising of new graduate students, and consulting to guidance committees); 
  8. Undergraduate advising responsibilities; 
  9. Special recognition for teaching excellence; 
  10. Special considerations and other teaching activity (include appointments at institutions other than Michigan State University, teaching workshops, etc.). 


II.  Scholarly Activity

(Publications that are published electronically can be claimed in the year they were published online; authored books can be counted for two years. All other publications can be counted for only one year.)

  1. Publications authored and appearing in the year reported (list in full bibliographical form; indicate whether the article was refereed or not by putting (*) if it is refereed.) For each co-authored publication, explain in no more than a sentence what your contribution was; 
  2. Book volumes and thematic journal issues edited and appearing in the year reported (list in full bibliographical form; provide the URL from the publisher's website and submit copy of each as appropriate to the Department office.) For each co-authored publication, explain in no more than a sentence what your contribution was; 
  3. Presentations at conferences, invited lectures, and other presentations (include relevant documentation, e.g., conference program, letter of invitation);
  4. Organizing of panels and sessions at conferences (include documentation); 
  5. Attendance at conferences otherwise; 
  6. Awarded or rejected competitive grant applications (e.g., those with e-transmittal, CFIT, ISP, international partnerships); 
  7. Continuing funding of applications from a previous period; 
  8. Special considerations and other scholarly activities.  


III. Service and Outreach

Service to the University

  1. University committees (indicate terms of service, describe obligations of memberships as necessary including any special role or contribution); 
  2. College committees (describe as in 1 above);
  3. Department and center or other unit committees (describe as in 1 above).

Service to the Profession

  1. Major editorial duties for academic journals and publishers (e.g., editor, associate editor, series editor);
  2. Refereeing, editorial board service, and consulting (for publishers, journals, foundations, agencies, academic institutions, conferences, etc.); 
  3. Office or committee membership in professional organizations;
  4. Membership in professional organizations. 


  1. Presentations as a faculty member to public and other non-professional groups; 
  2. Outreach and community engagement activities. 

        *Special considerations and other service activities. 


Submit a FAIS PDF file as supporting materials.