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Appendix C: Guidelines for Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure
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The following further explication of the requirements for reappointment, promotion, and tenure are to be interpreted as minima; meeting the minimum does not in and of itself establish that the candidate is entitled to reappointment or promotion.

Reappointment, promotion, and tenure require a record of significant publication, effective teaching, and professional service. Where appropriate, outreach will be considered an essential part of the candidate's dossier.

The above criteria are all important. However, since the University is distinguished from other types of institutions of higher learning (e.g., colleges, community colleges) by its commitment to research and since the goals of effective teaching and professional service/outreach are furthered by individual research, special consideration will be given to the candidate's research record.

For explanations of italicized terms, refer to the accompanying document, "Interpretations and Clarifications of Terminology."


The candidate for reappointment must show definite promise of being able, within the contractually stipulated amount of time, to meet the requirements for promotion. Reappointment does not, however, constitute a commitment by the Department to eventual promotion and tenure. Scholarly promise is shown by demonstrating a research agenda that extends beyond the candidate's dissertation and a research and publication agenda appropriate to the candidate's discipline and commensurate with assigned teaching load. Teaching promise is shown by effective teaching and contributions to course.curriculum development, undergraduate advising and/or graduate student supervision, where appropriate. Effective engagement in the area of service is shown by relevant activities, commensurate with the nature of the appointment and/or the needs of the program.

Promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor with tenure or award of tenure to those initially appointed at Associate Professor rank without tenure

The candidate must clearly demonstrate excellence in teaching (including graduate student supervision, where appropriate), an involvement in the area of service commensurate with assigned teaching load, and sustained excellence in professional, peer-reviewed publication (in print or other recognized media). The candidate can satisfy the third requirement by publication of a book or a monograph and/or by the publication/acceptance of a significant amount of work in journals, collections, or other recognized media. Research output is expected to be appropriate to the candidate's discipline and commensurate with assigned teaching load.