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Appendix D: Requirements and Procedures for Designation B Status
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Designation B is available to instructors who have brought and are deemed likely to bring exceptional value to programs through the quality of their teaching and other contributions. Designation B status provides three-year appointments for the UNTF teaching portion of the assignment. To be eligible for Designation B within the Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages, a candidate must demonstrate that she/he has established a record of sustained, outstanding achievement in teaching.

During the first month of the eighth or subsequent semester of teaching employment within seven years of the first of these semesters in a given employing unit, the employee must submit a written request and required documentation of teaching excellence to the unit head or designee, to be considered for reappointment as a Designation B employee for the teaching portion of the assignment.  For Fall review, the written request is due September 15, and the required documentation must be submitted by September 30.  For Spring review, the written request is due January 15, and the required documentation must be submitted by January 31. 

Details on the department's required materials include the following: 

1.  Form B

2.  Credit for Past Service (#1 of Form B) -- Employee must have 8 semesters out of 14 semesters working in the UNTF within the same department. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact HR for verification and include a Request for Verification of Designation B Eligibility.

3.  Evidence of Teaching Excellence (#4 on Form B)

a.  Include all SIRS including copies of both paper and online forms. (Limit to last three years only.)

b.  Detailed course syllabi that demonstrate course development and highlight innovative aspects of the applicant's teaching methodology and any original contributions made to the planning of the course. Include only the latest version from each course taught over the last three years.

c.  Class observation reports the applicant can provide. Additional class observations will be conducted by the Designation B committee.

d.  Evidence of participation in teaching-related professional development activities such as MSU CeLTA workshops.

e.  Other evidence such as:

i.  Websites

ii.  Teaching-related publications and presentations

iii  Guest lectures (serving as, or hosting others)

iv.  Teaching-related grant involvement

v.  Instructional awards or professional recognition

4.  Reflective Essay (#5 on Form B) -- A detailed statement of teaching philosophy that exemplifies how this philosophy is applied in the classroom and why it constitutes an innovative and effective teaching strategy. The recommended length is three to five pages. (See also the College guidelines for more details).

5.  CV (#6 on Form B) -- Including evidence of teaching and related professional activities that may include: undergraduate and graduate teaching, methods of assessment, participation in high-impact co-curricular activities, honors options, undergraduate and graduate committees, academic advising or coordination, study abroad and other areas identified by the Department and College. 

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