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Department Travel Policy

Academic Year 2019 - 2020

I.  Department travel support

For tenure-system faculty, professional travel funding will be supplied up to $700 for the first request. Pending availability of funding, support for a second trip may be available up to $300. 

For fixed-term faculty, professional travel funding will be provided up to $700, which can be used for one trip or divided into two trips. 

There is no high-profile funding in 2019-2020.

Please consult the 2019 Faculty Guide and the August 8th department email on "New MSU Travel System" for the new online EBS procedures of requesting travel approvals and submitting expense reports for reimbursement. 

As mandated by MSU, approval of travel requests is required for anyone traveling on behalf of the university regardless of reimbursement source or lack thereof to ensure insurance coverage for your trip. 

Please note the following deadlines:

  • All travel funding requests for academic year 2019-2020 must be submitted no later than January 31st, 2020. Please inform the Department as early as possible, but no later than January 31st, of your intention to present at a conference, even if the conference will take place later in the academic year and/or details of the conference are not yet available. Compliance with this deadline will give the Department the opportunity to review all requests in a timely manner. Please be advised that travel funding requests made after January 31, 2020 will not be considered.
  • Travel requests made less than two weeks prior to domestic travel and less than three weeks prior to international travel will not be considered for travel funding.
  • Expense reports for out-of-pocket expenses submitted more than 90 days after the trip return date will not be reimbursed. Late expense report submissions will be disapproved by the Controller's Office.
  • The fiscal year ends in June, but due to the time needed to process travel reimbursements, both in the Department and at the university travel office, any reimbursement requests submitted after June 10th are not likely to be processed in time; therefore, a trip with a return date after June 10th will be counted as travel for the next academic year.

Please also note the following:

  • The Department encourages faculty to present at more than one conference, so the funds for two separate trips for tenure system faculty cannot be combined into $1000 for one single trip, except when the combination of $1000 is used as a matching fund for CFIT (see Section II below).
  • As a reminder, the Department does not cover association membership fees, even if they are paid at the same time with conference registration. (However, faculty may charge these fees to their own research funds, such as start-up funds or grants). 
  • As approved by the Department Advisory Committee (DAC) in Spring 2019, any faculty member who has a research/travel fund associated with their administrative position at MSU is not eligible for department travel funds. 

II.  CFIT (College Fund for International Travel)

Starting last year, the process of CFIT has changed. The number of awards for each department is limited, and 5 recipients are guaranteed per academic year for our Department. 

Previously the College reviewed and selected CFIT recipients and there was no requirement of matching funds. Now applications for CFIT are accepted through the Department, reviewed and ranked by the DAC, recommended by the Department Chair to the College, and matching funds are expected. 

Despite the quota of 5 recipients, the Department Chair can still submit to the College a ranked list of more than 5 applications, in case the College has additional funds available. 

In Spring 2019, the DAC agreed to have the following procedures: 

  • There are 2 cycles of CFIT applications each academic year: deadlines in early September and early January.
  • The DAC will review and rank applications.
  • The Department will recommend at most 2 recipients who travel in the fall and 3 (or the remaining number of) recipients who travel in the spring and summer. 

Matching funds: 

  • The College provides a faculty member up to the maximum of $1000, and the faculty has to provide the matching fund. 
  • The faculty can use any resources they have access to for the matching fund, including the Department travel funds, research grants, start-up funds, programs' OCCI funds, etc. 
  • If $1000 is needed as the matching fund, the travel funds for tenure-system faculty ($700 + $300) can be combined for this purpose. 


  • Please fill out the CFIT application form and follow the submission requirements. 
  • On the CFIT application's budget sheet, please indicate the matching fund sources and the amount. 
  • Please submit one single PDF file in the order specified on the CFIT application form. 
  • Please send the application to the Department Chair by September 6, 2019 for Cycle I (travel in Fall and early Spring) and by January 6, 2020 for Cycle II (travel in Spring and Summer).
  • In addition to CFIT, you can apply for Special Foreign Travel Funding (SFTF) offered by ISP. This is usually done in conjunction with CFIT (see CFIT application for instructions); that is, you submit both application forms to the Department Chair. 
  • Please submit the SFTF application as a separate file from the CFIT file. 
  • SFTF money is only available every other year. You can apply for CFIT without applying for SFTF or apply for SFTF without applying for CFIT.