Arabic Study Abroad in Amman, Jordan

Arabic in Jordan is an intensive nine-week program for studying Arabic language and Arabic culture. Students participating in this program will obtain a maximum exposure in the Arabic language and the Levant dialect, which will help them converse confidently in the Arabic language, and research about the Middle East and its culture.

The program takes place at Jordan Language Academy (JLA) in Amman. JLA is considered one of the best language centers in Jordan and the Middle East with an experienced faculty and staff who have considerable experience working with international students. It is the institute of choice for many academic institutions all over the world. JLA will teach Arabic language and culture at all levels. Some content courses that match the students’ interests and background will also be taught. Such courses are designed to take students to the next levels of proficiency in accordance to ACTFL guidelines.

The students will stay with host families, and can participate in voluntary work and many other learning activities. Students will receive 25 hours of instruction per week, as well as a series of culture workshops throughout the program. Students will participate in three main field-trips, cultural excursions and many other extracurricular activities the JLA will organize such as the cultural clubs (Arabic Games Club, Book Club, Cooking Club, Cinema Club).

Sadam Issa is on leave from 2017-2018 but can be reached by email for students who have questions about the Jordan Study Abroad Program.

Courses offered are as follows:

  • ARB 201 and ARB 202: Second-Year Arabic (10 credits)
  • ARB 301 and ARB 302: Third-Year Arabic (8 credits)
  • ARB 401 and ARB 402: Fourth-Year Arabic (6 credits)
  • ARB 491: Special Topics – Media Arabic (1 credit)
  • ARB 491: Special Topics – Arabic Culture (1 credit)
  • ARB 491: Special Topics – Jordanian Dialect (1 credit)

Here are some of Jordanian institutions that offer volunteering suppuration and internships to our students in case you decided to study in Jordan:

Arabic Study Abroad in Morocco

Participants in this program will have the opportunity to practice Standard Arabic, learn Moroccan Arabic, and discover Moroccan culture. Centered in Rabat, students will spend three weeks enhancing their Arabic skills while learning about identity, religion, politics, current events and architecture of Morocco. Guest lecturers will add to the educational experience, as well as field trips to local points of interest and weekend excursions to the cities of Marrakech and Fez.

Students will be required to enroll for a minimum of four (4) credits in the following courses:

  • ARB 290: Independent Study (3 credits)
  • ARB 462: Arabic Dialects (1 credit)

Course prerequisites may apply; see Course Descriptions or program leader for details.

Students must be in good academic standing, with a grade point average of at least 2.75 at the time of application. Meeting this minimum grade point average does not, however, guarantee admission. Students must also have completed at least two years of Arabic studies (or the equivalent) and submit an essay with their application stating why they wish to participate in this program. Applicants’ participation may be denied or their participation approval may be revoked if their conduct before departure raises doubts as to their suitability for program participation.

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