Chinese Studies

The Chinese Program at Michigan State University emphasizes the obtainment of language competence and a rich knowledge of Chinese culture and society through a combined approach of proficiency-oriented, communicative, situational and study-abroad activities.

We offer

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Diverse Specialties

Benefit from faculty with specializations, e.g. culture/films/literature, linguistics, second language studies

Cultural Events

Explore Chinese culture and make Chinese friends

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Study Abroad

Experience linguistic and cultural immersion in China

Degree Areas


Our program develops students’ language proficiency and offers good training in cultural knowledge. We offer many study abroad programs that provide students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Chinese society and culture and immerse themselves in a Chinese-speaking environment.


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Study Abroad Programs

Explore our study abroad programs where students have the opportunity to enroll in exchange programs, immerse yourself in Chinese culture, and further your language development.