Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program (FLTA) Program at MSU

The FLTA program brings teaching associates from around the world to U.S. colleges and universitites to study and to teach foreign languages, assist in language language instruction, and serve as cultural ambassadors on campus.

The Department of Linguistics & Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African languages has hosted 5-12 FLTAs per year since 2008. For more information about the program, or to ask how the FLTAs may participate in local events, please contact the FLTA Coordinator, Danielle Steider.

2018-2019 Fulbright FLTAs

Ms. Fatema Alaiwi, Bahrain/Arabic

Ms. Fatima Alaiwi earned her B.A. in Banking & Finance from university of Bahrain (UOB) and a Professional certificate, CIMA, in Islamic Finance. She has worked as a Finance & Administration officer, and served on various Board of Directors for charity institutions. In addition, throughout all of this, Ms. Alaiwi has prepared special courses to teach Arabic for children and adults, and for children to improve Arabic language and self-development skills. She has also planned and organized many social and cultural activities. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and traditional crafts.

Mr. Hojjat Ashtarzadeh, Iran/Persian

Mr. Hojjat Ashtarzadeh completed his B.A in English Translation Studies in 2009 and he has been teaching English since gaining admission to University in 2003. He is a professional teacher and he has an interest in learning about other languages, culture and psychology and he tries to apply his knowledge of the aforementioned in teaching so he can encourage and motivate his students to overcome obstacles they may face while learning a foreign language. His motto is “better yourself wherever you are, whenever you can.”

Ms. Meltem Ates, Turkey/Turkish

Ms. Meltem Ateş studied English Language Teaching and European Studies at Middle East Technical University. She is currently doing her M.A. in English Literature at Middle East Technical University. She is an English Instructor and Testing Development Unit member at Başkent University, Ankara. She is interested in interdisciplinary fields, literary theories and fiction. In her free time, she enjoys the arts and theater.

Ms. Yu Kao, Taiwan/Chinese

Ms. Kao Yu is working on her MA in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language from National Kaohsiung Normal University in Taiwan. She received a BA in Applied English from St. John’s University, Taiwan in 2014 and started working as an English teacher at a cram school and an elementary school (age 6-14). Ms. Kao has been teaching Chinese in Distance Education for almost 2 years (to students ages 12 to 51, in more than 5 countries). In her free time, she enjoys swimming and playing the guitar.

Ms. Faiza Khazkhali, Pakistan/Urdu

Ms. Faiza Khaskheli completed her BS in Applied Linguistics from University of Sindh, Jamshoro and is doing her MS in Applied Linguistics from Mehran University, Jamshoro while working as an English Teacher at university level. She has received multiple awards from school to university level. She is very energetic by nature and loves to explore challenging opportunities. She has been involved in different academic and social activities. Research in the field of Linguistics is her main area of interest. She loves to learn different languages and practice singing in her free time.

Mr. Michael Lawrence, Nigeria/Yoruba

Mr. Michael Lawrence graduated with a B.A. in 2011 and M.A in 2015 from the University of Ibadan in Linguistics and African languages. He received multiple awards in both his undergraduate and graduate years. He has taught some courses in Linguistics in his department during his M.A program. His areas of interest are phonology and language technology. Mr. Lawrence has also delved into filmmaking to apply his knowledge in linguistics after going to a film school. He also enjoys playing various musical instruments.

Mr. Zukhriddin Nasirov, Uzbekistan/Uzbek 

Mr. Zukhirddin Nasirov received his BA in Philology (English) and his MA in Linguistics (English) from Uzbekistan State World Languages University. He has been teaching English for four years. His interests lie in teaching English as a foreign language and material design. During his stay in US, he would like to learn more about American culture and language.

Ms. Quy Nguyen, Vietnam/Vietnamese

Ms. Quy Nguyen is currently a Vietnamese and English teacher in Hanoi -Vietnam. She is also an active member of YSEALI (Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative) program. She has been organizing community-engaged activities to protect nature and mobilize youth in community service. Her passion is to use languages to inspire people worldwide to live in harmony, respect each other and together build a better world from simple actions. Since 2015, she has been invited as a speaker/ambassador for many youth events in Vietnam and in other countries. Cycling, Shuttlecock Kicking (a fun Vietnamese sport) and making poems are her all-time favorite activities.

Mr. Samwel Petro, Tanzania/Swahili

Mr. Samwel Petro is a professional teacher who has majored in English Language and Geography. He has been the English language teacher at Gaspar Del Bufalo secondary school in Dar Es Salaam since 2016. Before becoming a professional teacher, he volunteered to teach English Language and Geography at Lugata primary and secondary school in 2010 and 2012. Mr. Petro holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Dar Es Salaam. In his spare time, he enjoys reading books and playing football (soccer).

About the Fulbright Program

Established in 1946 under legislation introduced by U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas, the Fulbright Program has given approximately 360,000 students, scholars, teachers, artists, and scientists the opportunity to study, teach, conduct research, exchange ideas, and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns.

The program’s primary source of funding is an annual appropriation by Congress to the U.S. Department of State. Participating governments, universities, corporations, and foundations in foreign countries and the U.S. also provide direct and indirect support. Since 2001, more than 4,000 awardees have been Fulbright FLTAs.

Fulbright FLTA recipients are among more than 50,000 individuals participating in U.S. Department of State exchange programs each year. The Institute of International Education administers the Fulbright FLTA Program.