Die größte Sehenswürdigkeit, die es gibt, ist die Welt — sieh sie dir an.

Kurt Tucholsky

Michigan State University sponsors three distinctive study abroad programs and one internship for undergraduates who have completed four or five semesters of college-level German (or the equivalent). Highlights of each program are listed below; visit the indicated program links and click each program’s headline for further details. Which one is right for you?

Academic Year in Freiburg (Full Year)

This program for American students at the Universität Freiburg combines advanced language instruction, specially tailored program courses, and regular University of Freiburg courses. Students can complete most of the coursework for the German major in this year by taking 12-15 credits per semester.

Prerequisite: four semesters (GRM 202 or equivalent) of college German.
Check out Freiburg returnee Nicole Koenigsknecht’s story here as well as the stories of four other students here.

Language and Culture in Mayen (Summer)

This program is a six-week summer course led by an MSU faculty member. The focus on language training and cultural immersion; students will live with families. Local excursions as well as week-long trip including a stay in Berlin are planned. Students will take 6-9 credits.

Prerequisite: four semesters (GRM 202 or the equivalent) of college German
Student Stories:
Elena Bongiovanni, Summer ’15
Kilian Glish, Summer ’13

Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (1 Semester, Spring)

This program at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität is for students interested in German language, literature, and culture. Students take a combination of regular university courses and courses geared specifically toward international students. On-site mentors assist students with housing and academic matters. Students take 12-15 credits.

Prerequisite: five semesters (GRM 301 or the equivalent) of college German.

Internships in Berlin (Summer)

We also offer three-month internships in Germany for students with advanced language skills. Students with intermediate language skills will take a one-month intensive German course in Berlin followed by two-month internships. Opportunities are available in the arts, business, communications, film, health and human services, journalism, law, marketing, non-governmental organizations, and politics. College of Arts & Letters students will enroll in 9-12 credits of AL 493B (GRM 493 and AL 493B).

Prerequisite: four semesters (GRM 202 or equivalent) of college German.