Giving to the Department of Linguistics and Languages

The Department of Linguistics & Germanic, Slavic, Asian, and African Languages is committed to providing the best possible liberal arts education to our students. To meet that goal, we must continue to attract and retain highly qualified faculty and well-prepared students and to provide them with a technologically advanced teaching and learning environment. Your gift of financial support will enable us to ensure a legacy of excellence for arts and humanities education and scholarship at Michigan State University.

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Choose from these funds to donate to the Linguistics and Languages Department:

The Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages

Donation to this fund supports a program of your choice in the department. When making the donation, please feel free to contact the program or the College Development Office to specify the program that is to benefit from the donation. Otherwise the donation will go towards the department as a whole.

George F. Peters Scholarship Fund

Donation to this fund supports MSU students studying abroad on the Academic Year in Freiburg Program in Freiburg, Germany. George Peters was a treasured friend and colleague, both on the German faculty and during his years as Chair of Linguistics and Languages. He was passionately devoted to the study of German language and literature, to the students of MSU, and particularly to study abroad. 

Endowed Scholarship for German Language and Culture in Mayen Program

Donation to this fund supports MSU students who study on the Mayen summer program. The German Language and Culture Program in Mayen, Germany, provides Michigan State University students with an opportunity to improve their knowledge of the German language and to familiarize themselves with the German culture firsthand by living with German families.