Primary Major in Linguistics (32-38 Credits)

The linguistics major provides students with a firm foundation in the scientific study of language. This page provides a brief summary of the requirements. For official details, consult the Academic Programs Catalog.

  • One of the following courses:
    • LIN 200, Introduction to Languages
    • LIN 401, Introduction to Linguistics
  • All of the following courses:
    • LIN 424, Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
    • LIN 431, Introduction to Morphology
    • LIN 434, Introduction to Syntax
    • LIN 437, Semantics and Pragmatics
    • LIN 499, Senior Thesis Research
  • Five of the following courses:
    • LIN 225, Language and Gender
    • LIN 291, Special Topics in Linguistics
    • LIN 427, Laboratory Phonetics
    • LIN 450, Child Language Acquisition
    • LIN 455, Neurolinguistics
    • LIN 463, Introduction to Cognitive Science
    • LIN 471, Sociolinguistics
    • LIN 484, Data Analysis for Linguistics
    • LIN 490, Independent Study
    • LIN 491, Special Topics in Linguistics
  • Cognate Requirement (15 credits)
    • Selected courses must be from a single discipline or thematic area and be advisor approved. At least one course must be at the 300-400 level. Cognate requirement is waived if completing another major or minor.
  • College of Arts & Letters Experiential Requirement
    • Earn a minimum of 3 credits in one of the following experiential education options through an associated course approved by the College: internship, service/community engaged service learning experience, undergraduate research or creative project directed by a faculty member, a study abroad program, or a study away program.

Additional Major in Linguistics (30 Credits)

All of the requirements listed for the primary major in Linguistics under #1, #2 and #5 except for LIN 499 (Senior Thesis Research)